Nominate someone to mentor the next generation of founders

Know a highly successful individual who would be a great addition to list of amazing mentors? We're looking for world class and highly accomplished mentors who are passionate about transforming our food and agriculture system. The AgFunder Mentor Program will play an important role in helping the next generation of agri-foodtech startups grow and scale. Our mentors are not afraid of rolling up their sleves and leverage their deep expertise to help our portfolio companies solve complex problems, refine their products, and position their companies to have meaningful impact.

Our mentor program offers amazing benefits to both mentors and mentees. AgFunder mentors, will engage with startups at their earliest stages and have the opportunity to drive meaningful change. They'll also gain an unparalleled preview of the emerging technologies in the future of food and agriculture.

What's in it for the mentor?

  • Pay it forward and make an impact on founders.

  • Become part of AgFunder family, which means becoming part of a vibrant community of technologists that are building a global movement.

  • Opportunity to work with, teach and learn from amazing founders.

  • Build their network in the food and agtech ecosystem.

  • Opportunity to attend and network at our amazing meet-ups and special events.

  • Add their experience to your CV/Linkedin Profile and get featured on the AgFunder website.

  • Get their own AgFunder t-shirt and other swag.

What's next?

We focus on investing in our industry's most exceptional founders, and we expect our mentors to be highly accomplished in their respective field so that they can bring something to the table.

We'll look to match selected mentors with startups in our growing portfolio based on your expertise, interest, and their needs. Typical time commitment would be 0-2 hours/month. Typically this would entail one or two initial in-person meetings or video calls. The relationship may last no more than a single call, or it can evolve into something deeper. That will be up to the mentor and the founders to decide.

Nominate a Mentor