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As part of AgFunder’s role in funding startups in food and agriculture, we have become a leading intelligence source for the sector, aided by our exposure to a global network of startups and venture capital firms.

As well as providing daily news coverage through AgFunderNews, we publish periodic research on trends shaping the future of food and agriculture. Our widely-cited research includes investment reports on venture capital funding to foodtech and agtech startups, country deep-dives, and resource guides for startups.

Latin America AgriFoodTech Investment Report 2023

Agfunder funding report

The inaugural Latin American AgriFoodTech Investment Report released by AgFunder, in collaboration with SP Ventures, Alianza Team, BASF and Cibersons, details $7.3 billion of investment in the sector since 2018.

In 2022, agrifoodtech startups, innovating from farm to fork, raised $1.7 billion in funding, an increase from under $1 billion in 2018 but a 39% decline on record-breaking 2021 investment levels, in line with the global venture capital pullback.

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