Why FoodTech & AgTech?

Driven by shifts in eating habits, population growth, climate change, and failing soils, our food and agriculture industry faces moonshot-sized challenges. 

Agri-FoodTech entrepreneurs are stepping up to solve these problems by harnessing the most advanced technologies. From plant-based protein, gene-editing, drones and indoor farming to satellite imaging, precision farming, and computational biology, founders are driving radical transformation in our food and agriculture system with technology.


AgriFoodTech investment reached $29 billion in 2022, up more than 7X from 2012.

"One of the things that has helped accelerate agtech is AgFunder; you guys have been phenomenal in educating the market, both the VCs and the entrepreneurs, and I’m really thankful for the help you guys are bringing to this space.”

Founder of BlueRiver (Sold to John Deere for $305M)

Why AgFunder?

AgFunder is a new kind of venture capital firm. Our mission is to invest in bold and impactful technologies rapidly transforming our food and agriculture system.

Founded in 2013 and based in Silicon Valley, AgFunder is one of the world’s most active foodtech and agtech VCs. We’re rethinking venture capital for the 21st century. We were born online, and with our publication AFN we’ve built a global ecosystem of 85,000+ subscribers. This gives us one of the most powerful networks to help build impactful and important companies.

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