DeHaat is Farmer's Business Network for smallholder farmers with over 100k users.


Total Raised
$254.3 million
Latest Round
Series D


AgFunder, Omnivore Partners, Pi Ventures, Sequoia.


DeHaat is a technology-led platform offering end-to-end agriculture services to Indian farmers with an aim to improve the value chain efficiency. Through the use of a hybrid digital platform and an on-the-ground network of trained “micro-entrepreneurs”, they provide smallholder farmers with seed, fertilizer, equipment, crop advisory services, and market linkage through a network of hubs that aggregates smallholder production to institutional buyers. Their proprietary technology and established supply and sales channels position them very well for rapid expansion.

Why we invested

  • Scrappy team that has achieved a lot with limited resources. 
  • Solving major pain points in a large but broken and fragmented supply chain.
  • Lots of adjacent whitespace (geography, crop type, finance, distribution).
  • Co-investor include Omnivore (Indian agtech specialist) and Pi Ventures.
  • Four years of 100% YoY revenue growth, with over 50,000 farmers.
  • Attractive valuation given the team quality, revenue and market size.



Contact DeHaat

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Shashank Kumar

Shashank is an IIT MBA who was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship, recognized as a Global Changemaker and was named in Forbes India’s 30 Under 30. With his team he has built a robust multi-sided marketplace that is solving huge pain points for not only farmers, but also delivering a new 52,000 farmer strong customer base for their large seed and ag chemical corporate partners and providing direct access to production for their corporate food and ingredients and export partners.

Amrendra Singh
Executive Director/Cofounder

Amrendra is also a graduate of IIT where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering. Amrendra co-founded FarmsNFarmers, the not-for-profit farmer support and supply chain management platform that was the inspiration for the DeHaat model. He also founded specialist and exotic production startup AgriGrow in 2011, managing smallholder farmers to cultivate medicinal plants and exotic vegetables.