Supplant has developing a natural low-cost sugar substitute for food products.


Total Raised
$42.1 million
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, Data Collective, Felicis Ventures, WTI.


As artificial sweeteners are to the beverage industry, Supplant will be to the food industry. They have developed a natural 1:1 drop-in sugar substitute for the food market. Supplant has 20% of the sweetness of sugar while retaining all the bulking and functional properties of sugar such as texture, structure, browning, caramelisation, and crystallisation with less than 40% of the calories. Supplant is produced through conventional fermentation methods using some of the most abundant agricultural sidestreams. At scale they expect to bring the cost down to below that of sugar.

Why We Invested

  • Founded by Cambridge PhD (Nature publications with hundreds of citations), advisors include ex-COO of Nutrasweet and celebrity chefs.
  • Product has excellent performance across a wide range of food products. In some cases better than sugar.
  • No tolerance issues common with many sugar substitutes.
  • Very strong Silicon Valley coinvestors.
  • Category defining technology with an exceptionally large market where there’s no existing solution.
  • Production based on well-known fermentation practices, minimizing scaleup risks.
  • Incredibly low cost inputs means this could be produced below the cost of sugar.



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Tom Simmons

Tom's strength lies in his elaborate scientific background. He has 365 citations, including 5 in Nature. He earned his PhD in Molecular Plant Science from Edinburgh University and worked as a postdoctoral researcher for 4 years at Cambridge University. In addition he was a Global Futures Council Fellow at the World Economic Forum.

Ruben Tadmor
Head of Business Development

Ruben was first of his class at Cambridge University. He holds a BA and MSci in Biochemistry and Systems Biology. After Cambridge he joined Tom at Stem and they went through the Y Combinator accelerator.