Bite Ninja

Bite Ninja is modernizing and digitizing food service order-taking, starting with US drive-throughs.

Bite Ninja

Total Raised
$16.0 million
Latest Round


AgFunder, Manta Ray Ventures, Y Combinator.


Bite Ninja has created a gig economy marketplace for restaurants to address the massive and ongoing labor shortage while providing employees with a safe and competitively-compensated position. Working primarily with restaurant drive-through operations, Bite Ninja provides business owners and managers with proprietary plug-and-play software and a pool of qualified, trained and vetted freelancers to take customer orders remotely. This also includes their patent pending NinjaQ system which is like a call center for drive-throughs allowing order takers to be routed to a drive-through only when a customer is present, meaning restaurants can reduce the number of order takers needed on shift greatly increasing labor efficiency and reducing costs. Resturanasts can ue their own staff or fill labor gaps with Bite Ninja is also working on the forefront of AI technology for the drive-through business segment.

Why We Invested

  • Exceptional founding team with experience across Food and Tech: Will was a Co-Founder at Memphis Meats (now Upside Foods) and Ron was an IndieBio Co-Founder.
  • Strong product-market fit with restaurants facing massive labor shortages and workers expressing interest in hybrid or fully remote working arrangements.
  • Immense market in the US and abroad, with rapid near-term adoption feasible at 200,000 American drive-throughs.



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Will Clem
Co-Founder & CEO

Will Clem’s family has been in the restaurant industry for three generations. Bite Ninja was built and developed in his Baby Jack’s restaurant chain. Will has been a visionary entrepreneur since the day he entered the business world and was a scientific co-founder and the “Memphis” of Memphis Meats. He brings a unique combination of vision, scientific method, and tech knowledge to the team at Bite Ninja. Will holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Ron Shingeta

Ron Shigeta is a serial entrepreneur and startup biotech and foodtech pioneer. As Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer of IndieBio, Ron played a key role in kick starting “Startup Biotech” as we know it. During his tenure he led early stage efforts conducting 80+ investments in high potential startups across gene therapy, diagnostics, precision medicine and synthetic biology, amongst others. The portfolio today holds a total market value of $3.5B. Ron holds a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University and held postdoctoral positions at Harvard University as well as Stanford University.