Eion puts olivine on agricultural fields to sequester carbon on a massive scale. 


Total Raised
$14.5 million
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, Mercator Partners, Ridgeline Ventures, Trailhead Capital.


Eion is an enhanced rock weathering company. They put crushed olivine on agricultural fields which increases the pH (lowers the acidity) as a direct subsitute for aglime. Additionally it permanently sequesters carbon out of the air and turns it into rock. They can sequester up to 1 ton per acre per year depending on the acidity of the field. This is one of the few startups we've seen, not just in ag, but in general, that has the potential to sequester carbon on a massive scale. They have secured a supply agreement with Sibelco, the largest olivine producer in the world. They also joined in the round as an investor. 

Why we invested

  • We believe using olivine is the right approach to this problem. There are many forms of ERW out there, but we believe that the carbon sequestration potential of olivine is the only one that can make this feasible in the long run. 
  • Adam is an extraordinary founder who has thought about this problem from every angle possible and is an absolute workhorse. 
  • ERW with olivine is one of the few carbon sequestration technologies we've seen, in ag or elsewhere, that has the potential for massive carbon removal. 



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Adam Wolf

Prior to founding Eion, Adam was co-founder and CEO of Arable Labs. Before that, he was a Research Scholar and Lecturer at Princeton. He has a PhD in Biology from Stanford.

Elliot Chang

Prior to founding Eion, Elliot was a postdoctoral researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and at Berkeley. He holds a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, & Management from Berkeley and a BE in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Princeton.