FieldIn develops farm management software for the Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables market. 


Total Raised
$47.0 million
Latest Round
Series B


AgFunder, Cavallo Ventures, Gal Ventures, Germin8, Terra Venture Partners, Zeev Ventures.


FieldIn is a farm management software company that has developed software that provides fruits, nuts and vegetables farmers with actionable data to improve efficiency, transparency and production in the field. Their spraying and harvesting software indicate the optimal timing of the event. It provides real-time tracking, alerts for missed rows or overspraying, and provides a quality report summarizing all actions. They claim they can improve profit per acre by up to $300 with their managing system alone.

Why we invested

  • Strong traction with over 300K acres managed currently. 
  • Customers rave about the product and claim they can't go without anymore - 0% customer churn in last 12 months
  • Strong leadership team with extensive experience in farming and software building. 
  • Their focus on the FNV market allows them differentiate themselves in a competitive field. 



Contact FieldIn

[email protected]




Boaz Bachar

Boaz Bachar is co-founder and CEO of FieldIn. After getting his Law & Business Bachelor’s from IDC Herzliya in 2011, he started Kochavit Drink, a local retail and delivery company. In 2012 he founded FieldIn.

Iftach Birger

Iftach Birger is co-founder and COO of FieldIn. Additionally he is the co-owner of his family’s Birger Farm where they grow almonds, grapes and olives on over 750 acres of land. Iftach holds a BS and MS in Plant Science from Hebrew University.