Hyphen is building a full-stack robotic automation platform for quick-service restaurants. 


Total Raised
$58.0 million
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, Compound VC, Lemnos VC, Morado Ventures.


Hyphen is a California based robotic kitchen company building a full-stack food automation platform. They’ve built a modular robotic kitchen that is able to make bowls and smoothies using an integrated system where each container is automatically moved through the setup and ingredients are added through various dispensers that each hold a separate ingredient. The dispensers can hold almost anything from rice, meat and lettuce to cut-up fruit. They have an impressive list of customers and a stacked customer pipeline containing some of the biggest brands in the QSR industry. 

Why We Invested

  • Macro trends creating tailwinds include rising labor costs, busy consumers and growth in online delivery, and the emergence of cloud kitchens. The technology solution seems inevitable, it's not if, it's when and how. 
  • This is an attractive way for all QSRs to materially expand their footprint quickly with limited capital outlay.
  • Strong team: CEO is coachable and has a track record of getting stuff done. Daniel and Derek form a very strong technical team - hard to find people better equipped to create a food robot with the experience they have in kitchen robotics. 



Contact Hyphen

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Stephen Klein

Stephen's first startup was Mental Mojo. He then moved on to work for Instacart in Operations and User Research where he saw the company grow from 200 to 2000 employees. He then joined Cafe X, a robotic barista, as VP of Operations and was in charge of opening up their first robotic cafe location. After almost 2 years he teamed up with Daniel to start Hyphen. Stephen holds a BS in Business Communication from Arizona State University.

Daniel Fukuba

Daniel started his career as a Robotics Engineer at QBotix at the Seed stage. He was recruited directly out of Palo Alto High School where he was Captain of the Robotics Club. QBotix was a cleantech company that developed solar panels that track the sun for optimal light incidence throughout the day and raised $23.5M. Daniel then joined L2F, a contract engineering firm for startups in Silicon Valley with a specialty in food automation. Daniel worked as an Engineering Manager on projects with Tesla, SpaceX, Cafe X, Zume and Blommer Chocolate.