Klim helps farmers adopt regenerative agriculture practices and collect carbon credits. 


Total Raised
6.0 million€
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, Ananda Impact Ventures, Green Generation Fund, Ponderosa Ventures.


Klim facilitates the shift of farmers towards regenerative agriculture, leveraging a dedicated app to guide them in adopting sustainable practices for improved yields. Through the app, farmers document their progress, enabling Klim to issue carbon credits for these eco-friendly practices to companies aiming to reduce their carbon emissions. This process provides farmers with an additional income source. Klim distinguishes itself by fostering a community for knowledge exchange among farmers and focuses on "insetting" carbon within the supply chains of its food company clients, rather than merely offering generic carbon offsets.







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Robert Gerlach

Robert Gerlach started his career at Vivy, where he was the VP Product and Partner Management. He was the head of Sustainability and Innovation at mm1, and is also the founder of Threebility, a company that develops tools for sustainable product and business model innovation. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität Dresden and holds a PhD in Engineering Science from Oxford University.

Nina Mannheimer

Nina Mannheimer was the Head of Product and Design at Evermore Health, worked as an Experience Expert at Airbnb, and was a Senior Strategist at AKQA. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from King’s College London Economics and War Studies.

Adiv Maimon

Adiv Maimon started his career as an Electronics and Software Engineer at Rockwell Automation. He later worked as the director & CTO of Dragonfly Creative Marketing Studios. Adiv also worked as the head of Engineering & Senior Frontend Developer at The Formery, and at Continuon he was CEO. He is the co-founder and advisor of Newlytics, the co-founder of Knack, and he also co-founded Calabash. He holds Bachelor’s of Science in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering from the University of Cape Town.

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Why we invested

  • Exceptional team, especially CEO Robert Gerlach who understands how to make nature-based carbon solutions rigorous and widely implemented. 
  • Strong initial traction with large players such as Nestlé.
  • Solution that puts farmers first and ensures rapid adoption.