MycoWorks produces high quality leather alternatives from mycelium.  


Total Raised
$187.0 million
Latest Round
Series C


AgFunder, Data Collective, Novo Holdings.


MycoWorks creates high quality leather alternatives from mycelium marketed as Reishi. This material is found in fungi and consists of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae, which supplies its strength. Reishi can be dyed, tanned and imprinted and has the same versatility as leather which means customers can use it in a wide variety of products. MycoWorks has partnerships with some of the most well-known brands in sportswear and fashion. 

Why we invested

  • Amazing product qualities that in some cases may even be superior to leather. 
  • Strong team with CEO that previously raised $65M
  • Scaling risk seems low with copy and paste production modules using dry fermentation. 
  • Impressive customer pipeline that includes the world's most well known sports and fashion brands. 
  • Strong co-investors - round led by DCVC. 
  • Product has a story that seems to sell itself. 



Contact MycoWorks

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Matthew Scullin

Matt was a cofounder of venture backed Alphabet Energy, a cleantech startup, in 2009 for which he raised over $65M. He was named Forbes 30 under 30 and worked at IBM and GM. He has a PhD in Materials Science from Berkeley and a BSE in Materials Science from UPenn.

Mike Lindheim

Mike worked with Matt at Alphabet Energy. Before that he built a major construction company, Schwartz & Lindheim, before selling it to Morrow-Meadows. He then joined Better Place to lead the design and scaling of global charging infrastructure across 4 continents. Mike holds a BC in Managerial Economics from UC Davis.

Philip Ross

Philip is an artist, inventor and scholar and is the creator of MycoWorks' technology. His innovations are recognized as foundational to the invention of mycotecture - the practical application of fungus based engineering. In 2014 he joined Stanford's Department of Bioengineering as a Visiting Scholar. Philip holds an MFA from Stanford and a BFA from the SF Art Institute.

Sophia Wang
Cofounder/Chief of Staff & Culture

Sophia cofounded Mycoworks in 2013. As CEO she steered Mycoworks through the IndieBio accelerator and recruited Matt as CEO. She currently works as Chief of Staff & Culture. Sophia has a BA in English & Visual Arts form Columbia and a PhD in English from UC Berkeley.