Propagate is building an agroforestry platform. 


Total Raised
$17.4 million
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, The Nest Family Office.


Propagate is building an offering that includes agroforestry farm design, agroforestry implementation and management, and agroforestry financing, together with a pipeline of products that further establish and maintain the first fully integrated agroforestry platform. 

Resistance to US agroforestry adoption is largely attributed to three main causes: challenges in accessing agroforestry farm design knowledge, lack of labor and resource access for appropriate implementation and management, and a market gap in financing products available for agroforestry projects. Propagate launched in 2017 with the intention of addressing each of these three hurdles with purpose-built and integrated solutions: farm planning and management software, an agroforestry labor and inputs marketplace, and an agroforestry finance arm. 

Why we invested

  • Propagate is uniquely positioned to build an integrated solution that addresses all major obstacles to agroforestry adoption.  No other venture in the world has such a platform, and no other venture appears suited to build it. 
  • Large, untapped market.
  • This business model is CAPEX light and the sales cycle is remarkably short: Propagate has historically converted 12% of leads for Overyield over the course of 48 days on average. Once onboarded, 58% of new Overyield customers convert to Propagate’s agroforestry implementation and management services within 40 days.



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Ethan Steinberg

Ethan previously worked as a manager at Student CarShare, as a program manager at in/Pact, and is currently a member of Forbes Councils. He co-founded Propagate to grow the next generation of regenerative farms and to develop a business that will have a positive impact on climate. Ethan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice Studies/Sustainability from Miami University.

Jeremy Kaufman

Previously, Jeremy structured operations and designed products for a range of companies through his product design & product management consulting firm, Stewards. Prior to running his own firm, he designed products and experiences for Fortune 5000 companies while at innovation firms Mr. UX and FACT0RY. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship from Miami University.