TRAY is reimagining the Point-of-Sale system around self-service.


Total Raised
$5.0 million
Latest Round


AgFunder, Greycroft.


TRAY is an Arizona-based startup reimagining the Point-of-Sale system around self-service. Where most restaurant POS systems were built for back-of-the-house ordering, TRAY’s DNA from the beginning was built for on-demand service for the consumer. TRAY is a complete point of sale system for the enterprise that specializes in self-service ordering and, unlike other legacy POS companies, it was built with self-service at its core, not as an afterthought. Since 2013, the company has grown quickly by fulfilling an underserved need in the restaurant and amusement and entertainment industries for integrated self-service technology. While TRAY has the capability to offer an end-to-end solution, it is just as happy integrating the self-serve system with a client’s legacy POS system – this is a key differentiator from competitors. 

Why We Invested

  • Founder: MSc from MIT, ex-Google Product Manager, history of exceptionalism + great vision
  • Super scrapy. Punching way above their weight
  • Winning over enormous clients
  • Self-serve could be the iPhone moment for restaurant industry
  • Great co-investors, including Greycroft who have a lot of experience in the space
  • Great entry point for us to learn more about the downstream value chain



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Peter Kellis
Founder & CEO

Peter worked as Product manager at Google. He holds a Computer Science Bachelor's and Master's degree from MIT and an INSEAD MBA. During his tenure at Google he invented "Google Campaign Insights", a product which leverages Google data to provide actionable metrics such as ad effectiveness into Google search and display campaigns. True test group/control group design enables advertisers to measure consumer behavioral changes that resulted from the ad and thus measure true ad effectiveness. He also held positions at VivaKi and EMC as Software engineer.