Lessons from the Frontlines of the Agtech Revolution

Lessons from the Frontlines of the Agtech Revolution

Agribusinesses are unsure how to approach agriculture technology investment and are at risk of being left behind if they don’t make it a core part of their strategy, revealed research conducted by BCG Consulting and AgFunder.

The report, which presents findings from a survey of C-Suite agribusiness executives and agritech venture capitalists, joins a group of commentators in the sector that are pointing to a new paradigm for the industry, where technological innovation stands to disrupt the food and agriculture industry’s status quo leaving some agribusinesses unsure about their future.

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The report revealed that total agritech investment from global agribusinesses was between $17 billion and $22 billion in 2015, representing between 4% and 7% of company revenues, an all-time high. With venture investment in the sector at $3 billion in 2015, according to AgFunder data (minus foodtech and food ecommerce), that was a record total $20 billion to $25 billion of investment into agritech.

Furthermore, investment is expected to continue at this pace with 80% of agribusiness respondents planning to maintain or increase this level of investment.

Find out which categories the corporates are investing in and more by downloading the full report.