Connecterra is using sensors, data and machine learning to make dairy farm operations more efficient and sustainable. 


Total Raised
$18.3 million
Latest Round
Series B


AgFunder, Breed Reply, Systema_VC.


Connecterra has developed ‘Ida’, a dairy farmers’ assistant. Ida combines advanced AI with sensor data to learn the behavior of dairy cows and farmers. Ida assists farmers with better animal health insights, improving consistency of labor and decision making through its advanced learning and sensing capabilities. Ida has demonstrated gains of over 30% in farm efficiency in several of its commercial farms. Ida is used by farmers in Western Europe, North and Central America. Connecterra has revenue growth of 40% YoY and has signed industry partnerships with Danone and large feed companies and has demonstrated strong product-market fit discovering new needs previously not fulfilled by any products in the market. Yasir Khokhar has a background in computer science and is ex Microsoft where he managed business units with annual revenues in excess of $700M. Saad Ansari, the CTO, has an MS in Computer Science from Stanford was also at Microsoft where he built and scaled large teams on Azure and Office356 projects.

Why We Invested

  • Category defining technology segment with large market potential.
  • Best technical team we’ve seen in digital animal health, who have built and scaled large teams.
  • Optionality to adapt technology to adjacent sectors and mature as a platform.
  • Highest accuracy amongst competitors (>90%) across the wide range of monitored ailments and behaviors.
  • Compelling ROI for farmers. Accessible pricing to encourage customer adoption.
  • Strong customer acquisition and retention. Growth limited by liquidity, not demand.
  • Revenue growth up 40% YoY.
  • Established partnerships with global dairy majors such as Danone.
  • Attracting significant non-dilutive EU grants.

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Yasir Khokhar
Cofounder / CEO

Yasir spent 11 years with Microsoft where he managed business units with annual revenues in excess of $700M across multiple territories. Yasir has an MBA from Kellogg.

Saad Ansari
Cofounder / CTO

Saad is cofounder and CTO at Connecterra. Saad was a former Principal PM Manager at Microsoft where he launched Azure for Government from Data Center build-out to rolling out the Azure platform across regions in continental United States. He helped build the strategy for Data center expansion across multiple regions and led the engineering team to roll out the product roadmap across storage, network, compute and PaaS services. Saad has a MS in Computer Science from Stanford.