Neatleaf is an indoor ag robotics startup.


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AgFunder, Lightbank, Measure8.


Neatleaf is an indoor ag robotics startup. Their flagship product is the Spyder - a fully autonomous robotic platform that scans indoor cultivation crops generating millions of data points on plant health and growth metrics. This data is analyzed and turned into actionable insights for the cultivation team to assess, monitor, and remedy. When used right, data is one of the most powerful tools a farmer can have, especially indoor when they have more control over the environmental factors. They claim that their AI-driven technology will save growers time and money but more importantly, allows them to grow healthier, more profitable crops through daily management and forecasting tools.

Why we invested

  • Phenomenal team with deep knowledge in both hardware and AI. 
  • Raving customer calls.
  • Underserved market with weak competitive landscape.
  • Strong beachhead market with potential to go crosscrop.



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Elmar Mair

Prior to Neatleaf Elmar was Head of Perception at the Everyday Robots Project at Google X. Before that he was Head of Autonomous Driving AI at at Lucid Motors. Elmar holds a PhD-equivalent from the Technical University of Munich in Computer Science.

Matthieu Guilbert

Prior to Neatleaf Matthieu was a Director of Reliability at Waymo. Before that he was the CTO at a Google X project where he worked with Elmar. He holds a PhD in Automatic Control and Robotics from the Grenoble Institute of Technology.