Phylagen is a traceability technology based on microbial environmental fingerprinting.


Total Raised
$14.0 million
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, 3M Ventures, Breakout Ventures, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, Humanity United.


Phylagen developed a traceability technology based on microbial environmental fingerprinting. It has a knowledge base of over 15,000 environmental samples globally and can determine points of origin of perishable and non-perishable goods to less than two miles as well as travel routes taken.  The CEO is a TED Fellow and one of the world’s leading scientists in microbial environmental fingerprinting with over 10,000 citations. The other cofounder founded Solazyme and took it public with a $1B IPO.

Why We Invested

  • Category defining technology covering a number of verticals with nothing comparable in the market.
  • Company already has significant revenue from government contracts and LOIs with some of the world’s leading brands.
  • Significant market pull-through.
  • Strong experienced team with a track record of scientific and commercial exceptionalism.
  • Excellent co-investors 



Contact Phylagen

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Jessica Green

Jessica is a globally recognized expert in the field of environmental microbes. She has received numerous awards and is a Senior TED Fellow with thousands of elite science journal citations. She holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Harrison Dillon

Harrison is a recognized expert in industrial biotechnology. Harrison co-founded Solazyme (NASDAQ:SZYM) and acted in the roles of CEO, CTO and President over a ten-year period. He holds a BSc in Biology and a J.D. Law from Duke.

Brad Taft
Director of Assay Development

Brad has a background in research and product development roles at companies like MiNDERA Dx and Applied Biosystems. He holds a PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nanotechnology and Electrochemistry from Boston College.

Scott Fay
VP of Informatics

Scott has a background in academia and industry-based bioinformatics science. He holds a PhD in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley.