Process optimization for farming. Operating on 12M+ acres.


Total Raised
$86.0 million
Latest Round
Series B


AgFunder, TPG ART.


Solinftec is an IoT based farm management system designed to optimize the farming process to save growers money. Founded by a group of process engineers (think Six-Sigma for ag), Solinftec is one of the world's largest and most successful new generation agtech companies.

Solinftec is deployed on over 12 million acres and monitoring over 20k pieces of equipment. The company commands over 50% of the Brazilian sugarcane acres. Since 2015 they have grown their market share in Brazil from 20% of all sugarcane acreage to 50% in 2017 and they’ve never lost a customer. In the past two years, they've grown their team from 64 to 180. In 2017 Solinftec expanded to row crops with the goal of being active on 5 million acres of row crops by the end of 2018. This year Solinftec is running pilots with five major growers in the US to adopt their system to smaller row crop farms.

Why We Invested

  • Dominating levels of traction and growth: >12m acres, >50% market share, very strong revenue, 0% customer churn.
  • Great potential to be the farm management leader of IoT and large farms globally.
  • Great co-investor with TPG ART, a team we’ve known for a couple of years.
  • Strong market wedge: Solinftec is unique in that they’ve approached the problem of farm management as process engineers to improve operational efficiency rather than an agronomic or an ERP focus like most other farm management solutions.
  • Their hardware solutions are some of the most sophisticated we’ve seen. This gives them a deep library of solutions and unique DNA to go after new markets.
  • Exit Potential: Solinftec could be a complementary acquisition target next to a Granular (Acquired by Dupont) or Climate Corp (Acquired by Monsanto) or could be a flagship acquisition for Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Deere, CHS, or AGCO.

Company Presentation


Daniel Padrão

Daniel is an agronomical engineer with a career as an executive in the sugar and ethanol industry. Daniel was an early adopter of Solinftec solution.

Britaldo Hernandez
Chairman & CEO

Birtaldo was trained as an automation engineer. He was twice named Cuba’s scientist of the year and served for 16 years as Vice General Director at major cuban research center.

Anselmo del Toro Acre
Director / Cofounder

Anselmo is an automation and control engineer.

Renato Hersz
Strategy and Corporate Development Director

Board Member, shareholder, and former acting CFO. Renato was an M&A manager at EY and a portfolio manager of GEM Public Equity in Singapore. Renato has a degree in Economics from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo