GreenLight Biosciences

GreenLight Biosciences designs and manufactures RNA-based products for both agricultural and healthcare applications.

GreenLight Biosciences

Total Raised
$622.0 million
Latest Round


AgFunder, Baird Capital, Fall Line Capital, Prelude Ventures, S2G Ventures.


GreenLight Biosciences is a biotech company based in Medford MA that developed a proprietary biological energy production platform that allows them to inexpensively produce biomolecules at scale. Their current focus is on the production of RNAs, which can be used in both healthcare (therapeutics and vaccines) and agriculture (biopesticides and trait modulation). 

On the ag side, one of the major challenges of using RNA interference (RNAi) has long been that the quantities of RNAs that need to be applied in the field to achieve significant effects were commercially unrealistic. By dramatically reducing the costs of RNA production, GreenLight's technology makes a new generation of sustainable pest control products possible.

Why We Invested

• GreenLight's technology can be used for a wide range of applications: from therapeutics to vaccines in healthcare and from biopesticides to plant train modulation in agriculture.
• In ag, they have already obtained several impressive field trial results that prove not only the efficacy of their RNAi solutions but that they can result in cost-savings for the farmer while maintaining healthy margins for the company.
• No other competitors seem to have come close to GreenLight's achievements.
• Highly versatile technology that can be quickly tweaked to prevent pest resistance.
• In the US, RNAi is considered a biopesticide and is therefore compatible with pest-free/sustainabile agriculture.
• Since RNAi solutions are most likely safe to eat, they can be applied post-harvest to prevent mold.


Andrey Zarur
Co-Founder, President, CEO

Prior to GreenLight, Andrey co-founded two companies: Solid Biosciences (NASDAG: SLDB), a gene therapy company, and Lumicell Surgical, a cancer imaging company. Before that, he was Managing Partner at Kodiak Venture Partners. Andrey pursued his graduate doctoral studies in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at MIT, and in Immunology at Harvard-MIT.

Carole Cobb
Carole Cobb

Carole has over 35 years of operating experience. She previously served as a senior vice president of Genencor International until its acquisition by Danisco AS. Carole holds an MBA in Finance and B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology.

Susan Keefe

Susan has over 25 years of experience in financial operations in multiple industries. Prior to GreenLight, she served as financial consultant at Danforth Advisors. Before that, she was Vice President of Finance and Corporate Treasurer at Austin Biosystems. Earlier in her career, she also held in multiple financial positions at SeraCare Life Sciences, Procter & Gamble, and PwC. Susan holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in business administration from the University of Iowa.