The Yield

The Yield is an AI powered micro-climate analytics platform for agriculture.

The Yield

Total Raised
$14.6 million
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, Bosch, KPMG.


The Yield is an Australian AI driven micro-climate sensing, analytics, and prescription platform for the aquaculture and horticulture industries. The Yield improves their customers’ yields by providing on-farm sensors and a customized information and analytic services platform. The Yield is targeting the top 20% of growers by produce value: producers of high value irrigated crops, and specialist fisheries such as oysters. The blend of high quality, accurate and reliable sensing hardware with meaningful analytics and prescriptions positions The Yield as the premier player in the micro-climate space. Our co-investors include Bosch and KPMG.

Why We Invested

  • Great team, great technology, great strategy and astounding customer satisfaction.
  • Ros, the CEO is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs we’ve met. She’s smart and resourceful, is an excellent communicator and has built a fantastic team behind her.
  • They are delivering real solutions to real pain points for producers. By listening and understanding what their customers need, they are directly, positively and materially impacting on their customers’ bottom line.
  • Their technology is proven in the harsh aquatic environments of their first market, oyster farming.  All customers particularly highlight the  accuracy, reliability and utility of The Yield's platform.
  • They have excellent revenue growth and customer retention, and a growing number of the biggest names in Australian horticulture production appearing on their customer list.

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Ros Harvey

Ros Harvey (Founder and CEO) is an entrepreneur and experienced senior executive at both national and international levels. Ros worked for 15 years internationally and founded Better Work as a partnership between the World Bank and the United Nations. Better Work holds the largest data set on working conditions in the apparel global supply chain with over 2 trillion records. It sells an information subscription service to the world’s biggest brands. Ros was the Founding Director of Sense-T, which is creating an economy-wide sensor network. Sense-T is a research partnership between the University of Tasmania and Australia’s leading industrial research organization CSIRO. The initial focus of Sense-T was agriculture. Ros left the University in 2014 and founded The Yield. Ros is a sought- after speaker on IoT and agriculture at both national and international levels. She is an Adjunct Professor of intelliSensing at Queensland University of Technology’s Institute of Future Environments.

Helen Mihelic
Product Delivery Manager

Helen has over 20 years’ experience in software development across multiple industries. Helen was most recently the Head of Delivery Management at Sirca/RoZettaTechnology -a big data company specialising in delivering capital markets data to global customers. She brings a solid background in product delivery and the customer experience and is helping to scale our products and people.

Chris Mendes
Chief Technology Officer

Chris Mendes holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Sydney. He is a delivery-focused technology expert with a wide breadth of experience. He has a detailed working knowledge of electronic systems development in hardware through to complex big data and analytics systems in finance and IoT. Chris was most recently the Chief Technology Officer of RoZetta Technology. He was responsible for the development and operation of the world’s largest financial database. The system captures up to 2 million records per second and is sold by Thompson Reuters to the world’s financial markets and regulators. Chris’s experience includes transforming organisations from Waterfall to Agile development, migration of development and operations from Data Centre to Cloud and adoption of a wide range of Big Data technologies including Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra and DynamoDB. Earlier in his career, Chris was the General Manager of Systems Integration Technology for CISRA – the R&D lab for customised solutions and new commercial ventures for Canon.

Felicity Turner
General Manager - Customer Experience

Felicity has worked within the Information Technology field for close to 25 years. During that time, she has worked with large multi- nationals to sell solutions, built and run two software consulting business which both sold to a publicly listed ASX company, as well as delivering successful transformations for start-up software companies around product direction, go to market strategies and sales success. Felicity’s success across the industry is due to her balance of technical experience and knowledge, coupled with her sales acumen and leadership skills. She is adept at taking a solution from concept to design and aligning the marketing and sales strategy to market opportunity and conditions to deliver results. Felicity is the Platform Solution Specialist focusing on top Cloud Customers for Microsoft Azure to help them transform and leverage the benefits of Cloud.