Wefarm is building a peer-to-peer farmers network and marketplace in Eastern Africa.


Total Raised
$32.0 million
Latest Round
Series A


AgFunder, Norrsken Foundation, True Ventures.


Wefarm is an agtech company that has developed a peer-to-peer network platform for smallholder farmers in Eastern Africa. The platform allows farmers to ask and answer questions from fellow farmers through SMS service. In March 2019 they had 1.5M users and >70K new users each month. Every day there are 40K questions and answers on the platform in 8 different languages of which 78% is answered within 1 hour. They want to leverage their platform into a marketplace to allow their users to get access to reliable agricultural products at a discount. 

Why we invested

  • The fastest growing agtech platform we've ever seen with over 2M users.
  • Marketplace business growing 40% MoM since launch 8 months ago.
  • Potential to reach hundreds of millions of farmers.
  • Enormous market potential with negligible competition from incubmants.
  • Strong co-investors - round led by True Ventures (investor in Fitbit, Ring, Makerbot).
  • Strong leadership team that has a great sense of product and marketplace experience.



Contact Wefarm

[email protected]




Kenny Ewan

Kenny Ewan is the sole founder and CEO of Wefarm. After college Kenny worked for ProWorld Service Corps, an organization that facilitates volunteering opportunities while traveling or studying abroad. He served as the Regional Director for Latin America and managed 6 offices in 4 countries. In 2009 he started working for Producers Direct in London, an organization run by SHFs for SHFs with the goal of providing SHFs with innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Adam Neilson

Adam Neilson is Wefarm’s CTO since May 2016. He is a serial entrepreneur and served as CTO and co-founder for various software startups. His first CTO role was for Probability PLC, a company that owns several entertainment gambling services. He managed 75 people, brought 52 games from concept to market and steered the company toward profitability.

Alex Walker

Alex Walker joined Wefarm in September 2018 as their COO. He was a Senior Product Manager at Amazon UK where was focused on the marketplace for media and dealt with platform product issues, customer experience and policy. Afterwards he worked as a Director for Acco Brands where he worked on their online strategy.